Oanax is a new startup in our Alpha hub

Oanax is a new startup in our Alpha hub

22 Jun 2022

Oanax is the new startup in our Alpha hub.

In a nutshell, Oanax develops (enterprise) software to facilitate Challenge Based Learning. "Lifelong learning is these rapidly changing times more important than ever. It is also difficult for many companies to show concrete development opportunities for (new) employees. Oanax wants to close the gap between development (including training) and practice by using smart software to facilitate Work Based Learning. For both interns and current employees we are testing a platform to let people develop in a structured way based on Challenges (Concrete challenges on the work floor).

We are therefore looking for companies that want to test the platform and participate in the pilot. Employees can immediately benefit from securing their professional development. The employer will also gain better insight into the capabilities of their employees and possible new development goals and wishes. Thus, there is better communication between 'shop floor' and office." Interested in the pilot? Contact brian@oanax.com or visit oanax.com

If, like Oanax, you are interested in an inspiring workplace in Alpha, take a look at our website: www.twice.nl or contact Jesper Beerens of Twice: j.beerens@twice.nl, 06-15 28 41 34.


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