'Oh Appy Day' foodapp on TU/e Campus

'Oh Appy Day' foodapp on TU/e Campus

9 Oct 2020

Earlier this year, Appèl, TU/e's new caterer, opened its first Brownies&Downies outlet on the TU/e Campus. And now she introduces Oh Appy Day, the web app that allows you to order and pay for delicious sandwiches and drinks via your phone or desktop. Also for the employees of the companies in Catalyst and Twinning a handy app! By ordering your lunch in advance, you have more time to relax during the break. You can pick up your order. And maybe this year's hub Catalyst from Twice will be a pick-up point.​

Assortment Oh Appy Day
Oh Appy Day's range consists of delicious products prepared by the on-site catering team. "In our restaurants we use fresh and as many local and seasonal products as possible. Guests enjoy delicious salads, freshly made sandwiches, (vegetable) wraps, soup, breakfast bowls, yoghurt, smoothies, fruit salads and guilty pleasures such as banana bread, a croissant, muffin or brownie. We also offer special packages, such as 'Boost Your Energy' and 'Eat Your Greens', which ensure that our guests recharge themselves. Guests using the app also benefit from fun promotions and promotions," says Appèl.

After corona concept
Oh Appy Day will be further rolled out in the coming weeks. The food ordering app is part of the after corona concept of Appèl: the best day of the week. Appèl: "The food experience is important right now. People are less often on location, which for some people makes a day out at the office or school a day out. Then you want something special that you don't eat on the days you're at home. A lunch should be a moment of pleasure for our guest!"

Written by
Corinne Moerman

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Corinne Moerman
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