Online & physical meetup: all facilities are there!

Online & physical meetup: all facilities are there!

26 Feb 2021

The question of the ideal workplace is on the agenda of many companies. Working from home is less and less fun to do week after week, we want to go back to the office or work together in the lab!

Various options have been added this year to start small and grow flexible within the Twice hubs. With flexible office spaces and labs (to scale up and down), flexible contracttimes and short notice periods, supplemented with digital facilities to meetup online and physically, Twice seems to be an extremely suitable place to grow your high-tech company (safe and corona-proof)!

New digital facilities

In the recent weeks, various digital facilities were added to the hubs Beta and Mµ on the High tech Campus, and in the hubs Catalyst and Twinning on the TU/e campus. Online meetings with you colleguaes at home are possible from the various meeting rooms in the hubs. Ideal if people work from home and some work at the office. So you can have a quiet and representative meeting at the office via Teams or Zoom with your colleagues or customers who work from home. In this way you can safely return to the office or lab, while some of your colleagues are still (or keep) working from home.

Flexible spaces

There are still several office spaces and labs available, from 23m2. Twice tries to create the ideal workplace because you can flexibly upscale and downscale spaces. If you need a little more space, you can rent extra spaces very flexibly, for example for a project. This year we have also added flexible desks in the Twinning hub, so that you can flexibly use spaces for interns, for example, or to start small within Twice.

In hub Beta the possibility has been created to rent an office for a fixed day per week, ideal if you want to start small on the High tech Campus, and/or work partly at home or at other locations.

Check the options on the website: The available units will soon be available online.

Do you know a new company?

Are you looking for a great space to start, move or expand your high tech company? Please feel free to contact us. Are you already established within Twice and do you know another nice club? Of course we reward you when you bring a new business into the community.

Written by
Saskia van de Schoot

directeur new business

Saskia van de Schoot
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