Development vision Fellenoord / International Knoop XL Eindhoven decided

Development vision Fellenoord / International Knoop XL Eindhoven decided

25 Mar 2021

On the website of Stedebouw & Architectuur we read that the Development Vision Fellenoord / Internationale Knoop XL has been unanimously adopted by the Eindhoven City Council and approved for further development. KCAP designs and directs the development vision for and together with the municipality of Eindhoven for the transformation of the monofunctional station environment into a (very beautiful) future-proof, lively and mixed city district. As you can read, the TU/e campus is adjacent to this beautiful area.

The Development Vision Fellenoord / Internationale Knoop XL, the urban development plan of KCAP for the development of the northern part of the railway zone in Eindhoven, will become the future heart of Brainport Eindhoven and strengthen the position of the region on a national and international level. The State and the Province of Noord-Brabant are therefore closely involved in the development of the plan.

Within Eindhoven, the railway zone plays a key role in the city's growth. The plan will transform the approximately 55 hectare station area into a mixed inner city district with a multimodal transport hub including a new bus station. Fellenoord will be an attractive environment for around 6,500-7500 new homes and an innovation district for companies from the technology, design and knowledge sectors. Buildings will have lively plinths for business functions and public programs. The great diversity of homes is planned on pleasant streets, squares and green areas. High-quality green public spaces form interaction environments for the diverse target groups.

Frank Werner, urban planner and director of KCAP: "This large-scale development of the railway zone will bridge barriers and reconnect all parts of the city with its heart. It will become the engine of Eindhoven in the 21st century."

The vision provides for a fordable city district with a station environment that welcomes both residents and visitors with a multimodal hub and high quality accommodation. The width of the Fellenoord arterial road will be reduced from 70 to 40 meters to create a pleasant, crossable city boulevard. The bus station on the north side of the station plays a crucial role in reducing car traffic and is being developed into a comfortable public transport hub. A sunken bus terminal will create space at ground level for a second station forecourt. A new eastern station entrance connects to the river Dommel and Eindhoven University of Technology.

Unique to the place is the existing landscape on both sides of the Dommel. The local identity is strengthened by the far-reaching greening of the area and the construction of new green-blue structures. The green banks of the Dommel serve as an urban recreation area. The Fellenoord Development Vision brings together various ambitions and themes in the field of sustainability: climate, energy and circularity. All with the aim of making Fellenoord climate-proof and energy-neutral, providing it with 100% energy from sustainable sources and new circular concepts for building materials.

According to the development vision, Fellenoord will be densified into a highly urban mixed area with a new network of high-quality public spaces and routes for cyclists or pedestrians. The development strategy is adaptive and seeks alliances between public and private parties to create synergy and allow profits to flow back into the area. With the decision of the municipal council, agreement has been given on the dot on the horizon for the development of this area.

Written by
Saskia van de Schoot

directeur new business

Saskia van de Schoot

Foto: KCAP

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