Pakt Packaging new in Alpha hub

Pakt Packaging new in Alpha hub

16 May 2022

PAKT is a new tenant in our hub Alpha, recycles glass and is thus committed to a circular economy!

Here is an introduction to Pakt Packaging.

As the Netherlands, we have the ambition to be fully circular by 2050. That is what we want to contribute to with PAKT!
In the Netherlands, we are true logistics champions. We have become incredibly good at getting products from A to B as quickly and efficiently (read cheaply) as possible. To protect the products and simplify logistics, we use packaging. Lots of packaging. One-time packaging. According to Milieu Centraal, the average Dutch person opens 7 of them every day!

What we are not (yet) good at, however, is how we then get that packaging from B to A again; in other words, how we turn this linear economy into a circular one. With PAKT, we want to fill this gap. We want to facilitate return logistics for packaging, starting with glass.
Glass is in fact an incredibly suitable packaging within a circular economy. It is odorless, colorless, and tasteless and infinitely recyclable. However, there are two problems:
1) Glass packaging is currently unnecessarily broken after a single use and thrown into the bottle bank. This costs a lot of energy and creates high CO2 emissions.
2) At present, 24% of glass ends up in residual waste (Milieu Centraal).

With PAKT we are developing a new logistics model that will make all glass packaging reusable in the future and increase collection rates. Reusable glass packaging emits significantly less CO2 than single-use packaging. By using the latest techniques in the field of Artificial Intelligence and robotics, we then also make the reusable glass packaging economically competitive. 

We have now completed our first pilot in collaboration with the Knowledge Institute for Sustainable Packaging (KIDV). A second pilot, called project CLEAN, is in the making. More on that later!

Questions or interest? Get in touch!

If you, like Pakt, are interested in an inspiring workplace in Alpha, take a look at our website: or contact Jesper Beerens of Twice:, 06-15 28 41 34.



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