Program OPZuid grant 2023!

Program OPZuid grant 2023!

13 Apr 2023

The province of North Brabant has approved the program for OPZuid in 2023. Although the official publication of the program will only take place next week, Hezelburcht's grant specialists have already compiled the most important information for you.


The goal of OPZuid is to strengthen the ecosystem in the South of The Netherlands for a smarter and greener Europe, focusing on the transitions of Energy, Climate, Raw Materials, Agriculture & Food, and Health.

Call for applications

Applications can be submitted during the spring call(April 24 to May 26) or the autumn call (October 2 to November 17).


The total budget for OPZuid in 2023 is €50.5 million. The maximum subsidy per project is 35% up to a maximum of €1 million.


  • An application must be submitted by at least two partners. Possible partners include companies, knowledge institutions, governments, citizen cooperatives, regional development organizations, campuses, and valorisation organizations.
  • Results of the project must benefit small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). SMEs do not necessarily have to be part of the consortium.
  • Innovation can be both technological and social. In the case of technological innovation, it should be at the TRL 6-9 level.


It is noteworthy that last year the budget for OPZuid was not fully utilized because insufficient projects reached the minimum score.

Do you want to submit a high-quality application for OPZuid? Then enlist the expertise of Hezelburcht. For questions, contact Sven Rouschop via or +31 625 040 268.

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Karla Wester

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Karla Wester
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