The province of Noord Brabant invests in innovation coalitions for social challenges

The province of Noord Brabant invests in innovation coalitions for social challenges

5 May 2021

At the end of last week, we read about the ambition for new innovation clusters on the news page of the Province of Brabant. How can we generate hydrogen on a large scale and affordably? Can we just replace a worn-out body part in the future? How do we prepare our infrastructure for self-driving cars? The Netherlands and Brabant are facing a number of important social transitions in the coming years. This is not only a challenge, but also offers opportunities for the innovative Brabant economy. But that does not happen automatically.


The province wants to be prepared for future changes and encourages companies and knowledge institutions to develop solutions to these challenges within Brabant. Coalitions of companies, knowledge institutions and governments must seek cooperation on this in the coming years.

Innovation coalitions

“In Brabant, we find innovative solutions to our social challenges,” said Commissioner Martijn van Gruijthuijsen (Economy, Knowledge and Talent Development). “As the innovative region in the Netherlands, we owe it to our stand to prepare our economy for the future and to seize plenty of opportunities for this. After all, new technological and social developments also offer opportunities for new business models. In this way we will also maintain our prosperity and Brabant jobs in the future. “

In the coming years, the province wants to get 10 of these “innovation coalitions” of companies, governments and knowledge institutions off the ground. The coalitions are formed around five social transitions that are taking place in Brabant now and in the future:

  • The energy transition
  • Healthy aging in an aging society
  • Maintaining mobility in a busier and increasingly connected country
  • The Rise of Artificial Intelligence
  • Food chains in harmony with the environment and the climate

Van Gruijthuijsen: “Where we as a province previously mainly invested in business clusters, we are now opting for an approach to capitalize our investments on the basis of our social challenges. In this way, we not only stimulate our economy, innovative strength and employment, but we also make a substantial contribution to the solutions to our common problems. Of course we do this in a Brabant style: together. “

Starters and SMEs

In the coming years, the province itself will make € 15 million available for the Implementation Agenda for Future-Proof Clusters and Triple Helix Collaboration, in which these plans are described. € 10 million is intended to set up the innovation coalitions. 5 million euros is reserved to stimulate start-ups and SMEs. With this, the province stimulates start-ups and SMEs that have a good idea that does not fit within the innovation coalitions. Innovative start-ups and SMEs are crucial to develop innovative solutions for tomorrow. To support and further develop the innovation coalitions and start-ups, the province works closely with the Brabant Development Agency, Braventure and the regional triple helix organizations: REWINN, Midpoint, Agrifood Capital and Brainport Development.

Do you have a question or an idea? Contact the province!

Written by
Saskia van de Schoot

directeur new business

Saskia van de Schoot
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