RIFT (located in hub Alpha) in final Philips Innovation award!

RIFT (located in hub Alpha) in final Philips Innovation award!

11 May 2021

Last week, the 4th episode of the semifinals of the Philips Innovation Award was shown. Mark Verhagen, CEO of RIFT (Renewable Iron Fuel Technology), located in start-up hub Alpha on the TU / e campus, pitched for the jury. Mark managed to convince the jury of a realistic goal with an ambitious team, which will put them in the final on May 31! The broadcast can be viewed via the button. So let's see who will win the final on May 31! Congratulations team RIFT with this final place!

RIFT (Renewable Iron Fuel Technology B.V.)
More than 40% of global CO2 emissions come from energy-intensive industries. RIFT enables these industries to reduce their emissions to zero by supplying energy systems that do not emit CO2 and that can replace existing fossil systems. These systems are based on the new Iron Fuel Technology, in which iron is used as a clean and circular fuel. RIFT aims to have their first commercial system operational by 2023.

(Semi-final) Philips Innovation award

30 semi-finalists, 8 golden tickets; In the Philips Innovation Award Semi-Final "The Battles" you can see which Rough Diamonds and Innovators will make it to the grand final on May 31, where they will compete for the big prizes worth 10,000 and 50,000 euros! During "The Battles", the semi-finalists compete and pitch their idea to the jury, all with their own field of expertise.

They will decide which startups have the best promise to become a highly successful global company. So, who will be the 8 startups that will make it to the grand final ?! Let "The Battles" begin!

The Philips Innovation Award is a student entrepreneur award intended for students who want to further develop their start-up and for students with an innovative idea who want to turn it into a real start-up. They ensure that each participant benefits from expert feedback, workshops and training.

Written by
Saskia van de Schoot

directeur new business

Saskia van de Schoot
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