Round One Ventures sets up student investment fund in hub Alpha

Round One Ventures sets up student investment fund in hub Alpha

10 May 2022

Round One Ventures is the new startup in our Alpha hub. "It's a student investment fund run by students for students" says Bob van der Meulen, who set up a startup himself three years ago. We invest in startups that are set up by students, because we know how difficult it is for a student entrepreneur to get the right resources (network, money etc.). Many large(r) companies also see the added value of this. They are happy to use their knowledge, experience and network. Because of this, Round One has a large network of experienced entrepreneurs, including some CEO's of large multinationals.

Round One's goal is to raise 2.5 million euros from investors before September 2022, which can be invested in young start-up companies.

Inspired by the challenges of their own startups and similar initiatives in Enschede and Amsterdam, Round One has been busy filling the fund and expanding their network for the past year. "Many technical innovations are capital intensive in the early days. There are subsidies available from the government, but they are sometimes far away for the questions of students. Hence this student fund so students can grow their startups quickly and with focus."

Want to know more? Then take a look at the website and see if we can do something for you too!

Are you looking for housing in an innovative startup hub, please contact Jesper Beerens of Twice:, 06-15 28 41 34


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