Smart distancing and getting back to work safely

Smart distancing and getting back to work safely

25 Jun 2020

Smart social distancing requires smart solutions. Now that many measures have been eased, the discipline of keeping a distance of one and a half metres is becoming increasingly difficult. That is why DigitalAlerts, based in Twice | hub Beta at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, developed the Buffr: a device, slightly larger than a button, that emits a sound signal as soon as people come within 1.50 m of each other.​

The Buffr can easily be attached to clothing and when Buffr carriers come within a 1.50 m. radius of each other, the Buffr emits an audible warning to move away. Cees van der Jagt (DigitalAlerts) explains: ''unnoticed, people get a bit looser with the 1.50 m. standard. The Buffr works via Bluetooth and gives audible signals as soon as it detects another Buffr within a radius of one and a half meters. So you're immediately reminded that you're getting too close to someone."

Focused on organisations
The technique works when the environment of users also wears a Buffr, and is therefore mainly intended for places where the same employees and visitors come, such as companies and institutions. Van der Jagt: "Think of care institutions, offices, factories, the construction sector, etc.". These are places where there are a lot of relocations. Precisely then you run the risk of getting too close at unguarded moments. If this happens too often, there is a chance that part of a company or institution will become infected, something that many employees are afraid of, according to research. A simple signal from the Buffr reduces this risk to a significant extent. "Thanks to our experience with various 'Alert' applications, we can switch quickly and deliver almost immediately," says Cees van der Jagt.

Working from home and back to the office
Van der Jagt refers, among other things, to a survey by XpertHr Flex among 1032 employees. This shows that many employees are reluctant to go to work because of COVID-19. For employers, the Buffr is a suitable and affordable instrument to responsibly contribute to minimal exposure of employees to COVID-19 by 'Smart Distancing'.

Buffr clearly wanted to stay away from any discussion about privacy in the fight against infections:

  • No personal data has to be provided
  • No need to connect to a mobile phone
  • Data will not be stored

More information can be found at

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Corinne Moerman

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Corinne Moerman
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