Stactics (hub Alpha): Data Science helps you get a Trash Vaccine

Stactics (hub Alpha): Data Science helps you get a Trash Vaccine

27 May 2021

On Cursor, the news of the TU/e, we read in an article by Bridget Alcione Spoor a great article about Stactics, located in startuphubAlpha. The headline: "Data Science Helps You Get a Recycle Bin Vaccine".

According to the three founders Jasper, Lucas and Lars of Stactics, everyone deserves an equal chance of getting a Trash Vaccine. The three TU/e master students have therefore launched the public notification platform VaccinRadar from their start-up Stactics. Interested parties will be notified via this platform if a Recycle Bin Vaccine is available in the area.


Lars van der Werf, master's student of Data Science & Entrepreneurship (JADS), Jasper Ebus, master's student of Operations, Management & Logistics and Lucas Peeters, master's student of Data Science in Engineering, came up with this idea from their start-up Stactics because of what they saw happen as a result of the launch of Trash Vaccine. Van der Werf: “A week ago we were informed about the great initiative of Trash Vaccin. By giving vaccines that are left over at the end of the day to people who would like to receive a vaccine, they avoid wasting valuable vaccines. A great solution of course. But after was launched, we saw that many people kept refreshing the webpage indefinitely. For those interested who do not want to do this non-stop and to offer everyone an equal opportunity, it has been decided to set up a notification service. ”

No reserved vaccines

After explicit permission from the TrashVaccine organization to create a public and regulated service based on their platform, Stactics officially released the VaccinRadar service on Monday, May 24. Van der Werf: "With this you will receive a notification via Telegram when a Recycle Bin Vaccine is available in your area. In the area, ie within a radius of 20 kilometers. It is then up to the recipient of that notification to decide whether go to the injection site, where you have a chance of a vaccination. The latter is important, because VaccinRadar does not guarantee or reserve vaccines. The notification is only a tip. "

Whether the gentlemen themselves have already obtained a trash can vaccine? Unfortunately not yet. Van der Werf: “A notification has already been sent several times for the TU / e region. The next time VaccinRadar issues a notification, we will also compete for a notification of the vaccine. The system will notify a completely random selection of users in the region of an available Recycle Bin Vaccine. This is to prevent large rows and groups forming. That is why we too wait for our turn until we receive a notification. ”

Would you also like to receive a notification when a Recycle Bin Vaccine is available? Then sign up for free with VaccinRadar. The platform is available for Android and iOS.

In the main photo from left to right: Jasper Ebus, Lucas Peeters and Lars van der Werf. Photo | Stactics

Written by
Saskia van de Schoot

directeur new business

Saskia van de Schoot
Source: Cursor news
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