Starnus Technology starts in Alpha!

Starnus Technology starts in Alpha!

25 May 2022

Starnus Technology is a deep tech startup, rooted in the Apeiron Smart Systems student team of TU/e, which is focused on the development of the second generation of autonomous mobile robots to optimize inside cargo transportation for third party logistics companies.

After having studied the market and validated its concept, Starnus Technology has built its first prototype (from scratch) and the first autonomous driving software and UI application will be finished within the upcoming months. In parallel with these developments, Starnus Technology is looking into deep tech funding opportunities, which will allow them to develop the first version of their launching product. In addition to this, Starnus Technology is always open to potential co-development partners and opportunities for pilot tests.

Curious about the details or interested in a potential collaboration or investment? Do not hesitate to reach out to the CEO of Starnus Technology: Khashayar Mansourizadeh (, 06 82272083). We would love to get in touch!

Because of the social capital initiative of Twice, Starnus Technology also offers consulting opportunities for student teams (wanting to become a startup) or young startups regarding problems they face. With the network and experience, Starnus Technology will try to help or otherwise redirect them to a suitable person within their network. So should you have any questions, you are more than welcome to come by the Starnus Technology office on the second floor of Alpha Hub (2.33).

Are you looking for office space with a highly innovative startup hub, please contact Jesper Beerens from Twice:, 06-15 28 41 34, and take a look at the website:



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