Start Proeftuin Smart Contracts in Supply Chains

Start Proeftuin Smart Contracts in Supply Chains

12 Feb 2021

Digitisation of supply chains is at the top of many companies' agendas. The pandemic has reinforced the call for digitisation. A digital supply chain is not only more efficient and faster, but also more agile and resilient in times of crisis. The Logistics Community Brabant and Weconomics start with a number of projects for the further development of smart contracts and the digital conveyor belt (combination of IoT, blockchain and AI). They focus on supply chains with a significant impact on the environment (think of CO2 reduction).​

Smart Contracts
We already wrote about it in our article on the Digital Supply Chain: there are more and more digital (data) technologies available that simplify processes and work. Smart contracts are an example of this and can play a key role in the digitalisation of supply chains. A smart contract is in fact nothing more than an agreement between two parties in the form of a software programme. The advantage of this is that the software program and thus the contract can be executed automatically, provided that the right conditions are met, which are also laid down in the smart contract. In this way, you create a digital assembly line that can operate autonomously and without human intervention.

Eliminate waste
AI, sensoring and blockchain techniques make it possible to generate, share, process and (contractually) settle information in a robust and 100% trustworthy manner. They are aimed at eliminating waste, such as unnecessary human checks, and frictionless data flows. We see that these techniques are widely used in different domains. However, in the supply chain, this is still only happening sporadically.

Approachable testing ground
For logistics, there are plenty of smart contract opportunities! That is why Logistics Community Brabant and regional partners (Midpoint Brabant, REWIN, Vijfsterren Logistiek and Supply Chain Platform Zuidoost Brabant) will launch a pilot project for Smart Supply Chain Contract (SSCC) in 2021. Supported by the right specialists, companies can design, develop, implement and test SSCC tools and techniques in an accessible way. 

The initiative is open to companies from all over the southern Netherlands.​

Wanted: Supply chains interested in becoming smarter!

Together with the Logistics Community Brabant and Weconomics we would like to get started with the further development of smart contracts within your supply chain. Participation in this living lab is an innovation that you do together with knowledge partners, government and other stakeholders. 


  • There is a capacity for 5 to 10 projects.
  • The focus is on a case in which technology is (re)developed / tested / applied in practice.
  • Your company is located in the southern part of the Netherlands (office in Zeeland, Brabant or Limburg).
  • Lead time is 2.5 years. 


Together, we will create a digital assembly line ecosystem with a significant impact on the climate, such as CO2 reduction, reduced taxation, the environment and infrastructure, and less working in offices.

Grant opportunity and total amount per project (subject to change)​

Subsidies are available for these projects. A project has a size of around €250,000, of which €150,000 can be spent in own hours (including learning, interviews, meetings, simulations, data analysis) and €100,000 on the actual development of a (software) application or platform software development. Very interesting!

What do we expect from you?​

  • Input of a concrete case;
  • Willingness to participate in a project with multiple participants (partnership)
  • Contribution in hours or money of about 60 per cent of the costs for the execution of the case and the project;
  • Justification of the contribution (including an overview of staff hours spent and other costs);
  • Willingness to share knowledge and experience during the pilot project (confidential information will of course remain confidential).

Registration time and duration

Registration is possible in the coming weeks. The living lab programme runs until 2023, with the planning and duration varying per cluster or case. 

The next six months will be spent on the following:

  • defining cases
  • formation of clusters
  • applying for grants. 

If the grant application is successful, the living lab phase will actually start in the third quarter of 2021.

Are you interested? Or do you know other companies that would like to participate?

Curious about the possibilities of smart contracts (IOT - Blockchain - AI) for your organisation?
Please contact Twice. We would like to tell you more about this project and the other possibilities within BrainBloC. 

Written by
Corinne Moerman

marketing & communicatie

Corinne Moerman

The new living lab for Smart Contracts in Supply Chains (SSCC) offers southern Dutch companies active in the logistics sector the opportunity to explore and actually develop the possibilities of smart contracts with the help of technology partners. The ultimate goal: smart logistics solutions that are effective, efficient and profitable. This is a development that we gladly support and facilitate through our BrainBloC project.  


Paul Bessems of Weconomics, one of the initiators of the Living Lab for Smart Contracts in Supply Chains, wrote a white paper 'Towards a digital assembly line in the supply chain'. ​

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