Startup news!

Startup news!

16 Dec 2020

Last week, the Eindhovens Dagblad newspaper headlined with the headline that Eindhoven is aiming for a European top position for startups. Within a few years, Eindhoven wants to develop into a top European region for young, innovative companies with a lot of potential (startups). That fits nicely with the start of the start-up hub Alpha from next  January 1st! A new, very affordable, great place for early startups, in a stimulating environment aimed at growth!

According to the article in the ED, startups are ahead of the forces and shape the future of business, according to the municipality. A vibrant start-up climate is therefore important or even essential for the region's economic growth. It is also a way to become interesting for talent. This is the reason for Twice to launch a new start-up hub in the middle of the TU / e campus, specifically aimed at these early start-ups.

The best

With a 193rd place worldwide, the region is only cautiously participating so far. But in 2023 Eindhoven must be able to compete with cities such as Berlin, Stockholm and Helsinki. For startups in deep tech, such as robots and artificial intelligence, the municipality's goal is to even become the European number one. “Brainport offers unique opportunities for these startups. We can distinguish ourselves and want to become the best ", said councilor Stijn Steenbakkers who believes it is a realistic goal.

In order to achieve the ambitious goals, the municipality is thinking of various initiatives to make the region more attractive for young entrepreneurs, its plan states that the Eindhoven city council unanimously received a positive assessment on Tuesday.

One counter

For example, there will be one first aid counter for starters, where students and researchers in the start-up phase of their company can go with all their questions. Here they are helped with housing and financing, for example. Eindhoven wants to further stimulate that there are enough (flex) workplaces. How cool that this first aid counter is also establishing in the start-up hub Alpha, directly in the vicinity of the start-ups.

Investor risk

On the home market, the municipality of Eindhoven wants to offer start-ups a chance by becoming the first customer, for example when purchasing products or services. Eindhoven is also considering challenging start-ups to come up with a solution to current problems in the city.

Steenbakkers emphasizes that the effort must not only come from the municipality but also from all parties involved in Brainport. The alderman still wants to find out what is needed to better match the supply of financing with the demand of companies that need a lot of money. "That is the biggest problem for startups that are just a little further and need tens of millions."

Startup hub Alpha

You can settle in the new start-up hub from 158 euros per month, and you are in the middle of an inspiring environment, centrally in Eindhoven. Are you or do you know ambitious startups looking for a great place? Don't hesitate to contact us!


Written by
Saskia van de Schoot

directeur new business

Saskia van de Schoot
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