The Sparckel effect on work

The Sparckel effect on work

18 Dec 2020

A large Dutch organisation investigated the effect of Sparckel light on the energy level, recovery capacity, alertness, sleep, well-being and visual comfort of people. The results lead to the fact that this Dutch company will use the healthy Sparckel lighting in several places. What exactly is the influence of Sparckel lighting on people?

At the end of 2019, 44 Sparckel users took part in this survey for six weeks, completing four online questionnaires: two questionnaires in the standard office lighting and two questionnaires in the biodynamic Sparckel light. And the results did not lie!

Sleep quality and better mood​
In the study the participants significantly scored higher on sleep quality and work performance. The persons experienced less sleepiness and need for recovery. On balance, they had more energy at the end of the working day; important for the work-life balance. The participants also indicated that they were more positive.

Visual comfort
The examination also looked at 'visual comfort'. Especially in the field of working and reading under the Sparckel lamp, satisfaction doubled. No less than 70 percent want to continue to use the Sparckel lighting, and more than half of the people prefer to use it all day long.

That's why the client decided to let its employees benefit from the Sparckel Effect for longer by rolling out the Sparckel's at two locations. 

Interested in the research?​
Sparckel would be happy to send you the complete survey. Mail or call them on 0408516433 or fill in the download form

Sparckel in your organisation?​
Would you like to measure the effects of Sparckel in your organisation? Then register your organisation for the Sparckel survey. During a longer period of time we will investigate the effects of the existing lighting and the Sparckel lighting. 

Written by
Corinne Moerman

marketing & communicatie

Corinne Moerman

With Sparckel, people can see three times as much light vertically. An important feature, because our retina contains balls that are connected to our biological clock. Because the Sparckel is slightly bluer in composition than regular light, Sparckel is experienced as more activating.​

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