VANL (Twinning hub) participates in startup eXtractorONE

VANL (Twinning hub) participates in startup eXtractorONE

10 May 2021

At the end of last week, VANL (located in hub Twinning) announced the news: The startup eXtractorONE finds a new participant in VANL in Eindhoven.

After a successful collaboration of two years, Abe de Graaf, director of VANL (Transport Applications Netherlands BV), now also takes a 50% share in the tech start-up eXtractorONE. The start-up makes it easy for companies to store external data in a database, without the need for programming. The software is linked to so-called APIs and web services. In the week that the deed was signed, television recordings were also made at EW Facility Services, a customer of eXtractorONE, about the added value of the software.

eXtractorONE vindt nieuwe participant in Eindhoven

Collecting and being able to translate data is essential for this cleaning organization. For example, she maps the occupancy dynamics of locations via sensors, measures guest and employee needs via customer satisfaction pillars and carries out quality measurements via an app. eXtractorONE then ensures that this data is collected quickly and correctly, so that it can be linked together and valuable insights arise to optimize the service.

De Graaf explains: “We had been looking for a tool for VANL for some time that would allow us to load data from the internet into our database efficiently and reliably. When it starts snowing tomorrow, you want to be able to predict how it will affect public transport. Then the central traffic control of a public transport company can take proactively targeted measures. We believe in the potential of eXtractorONE and want to help the company grow with our investment. ”

Marc Tybout, founder and co-owner of eXtractorONE, is very enthusiastic about the collaboration with De Graaf. "VANL became a customer of eXtractorONE two years ago and there was an immediate click. Both on a personal and business level; they understand exactly why the tool is so useful. VANL adds context data to driving times and travel movements within public transport in an instant. . They tap into data sources I had never heard of. With the knowledge and passion of Abe I expect to achieve many synergy benefits ".

Both see that there is an increasing need for context data. Tybout: "Data is actually not the new gold at all, it is more crude oil that still has to be processed. Or see it as Lego blocks; there is still to be built. Data must then also be interpreted; depending on what light you shine on it. it becomes different information. You interpret this with different data ".

Written by
Saskia van de Schoot

directeur new business

Saskia van de Schoot
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