What will the new style of the workplace be? Space as a service?

What will the new style of the workplace be? Space as a service?

12 Nov 2020

The question for many companies at the moment: what will the future workplace look like, how much space do we need and will we continue to work partly from home?

Today we read in Vastgoedmarkt that it is expected that the old office will develop even more into the culture bearer of a work organization after the corona crisis. There will always be a need for offices, but the difference in generations will play a role. Younger employees have different needs than older generations. Worldwide research shows that both the younger and the middle generation enjoy coming to the office. Older workers, on the other hand, like to work from home. The quality of the living environment plays a role in this; they can more easily achieve a good workplace.

According to the article, young people are not happy when they have to work from home and like to come to the office, they need the energy of others. Twice facilitates in various forms of flex offices/space, so that you can also work or meet safely (partly) at the office during these times. Do you want to check the latest flex forms? Check the website: https://www.twice.nl/nl/gebouw.

Housing as an organizational issue

These different needs force companies to review their housing strategy, says Maarten Vermeulen. "Anyone can always work from home. Three quarters of employees believe that freedom in choice of workplace is a precondition for good employment practices. The fact that not the tenant together with the investor, but the actual user determines the required office environment is nothing less than a big shift. Taking all these different wishes into account, housing will therefore become less of a real estate issue, but much more of an organizational issue."

Feeling good at work

"It is therefore important," adds Gerritsen, "that an employer understands how his people can be productive and how they feel good at work. For the long term, Richard Gerritsen foresees that the branding of the workplace will play an important role.

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