Workplace Vitality Hub officially launched

Workplace Vitality Hub officially launched

29 Jun 2021

On 28 June the administrative kick-off of the Workplace Vitality Hub (WPVH) took place in the smart office on High Tech Campus 85. In the presence of invited guests, the partners signed the cooperation agreement. A formal and festive moment.

During the signing, the partners (Fontys, imec, TNO, TU/e, Twice and HTCE) explained the value of the Workplace Vitality Hub for their institution. Joep Houterman, chairman of the Fontys Executive Board, emphasised the practice-oriented and multidisciplinary approach of Fontys University of Applied Sciences to a social issue like vitality.

Managing Director Jo De Boeck of imec Netherlands sees the ecosystem and the cooperation between the knowledge institutions as very valuable. "I am particularly curious about the feedback from the users and what new issues that will generate."

Arnaud de Jong, Director Industry at TNO sees the new hub as 'spot-on': "The question you hear everyone talking about is: how do we get back to work? You want nothing more than for your employees to perform optimally, to be vital and happy. With our technology from Holst Centre we want to make a contribution to this."

Carmen van Vilsteren, director of Health TU/e and national figurehead Life Sciences & Health, called the cooperation on this theme in the Workplace Vitality Hub unique and expressed the wish to give this initiative a national follow-up as well.

Saskia van de Schoot, director of Twice, sees the Workplace Vitality Hub as an opportunity for startups to participate in a great programme. Twice provides the necessary infrastructure for the partners in the Hub. "As a tech startup, you can participate at an early stage in innovative solutions in the field of vital work environment. You have the opportunity to work with great companies!"

High Tech Campus Eindhoven also sees great benefits in developing a fieldlab together with the tenants on campus. "It's nice that we are involving the knowledge and educational institutes in themes such as sustainability and vitality. I am very pleased with this initiative," says Freek Smolders, director of HTCE.

Marieke van Beurden (Program Director Human Vitality & Technology TU/e) and Sywert Brongersma (Director Strategic Partnerships imec) invited those present to raise their glasses. After which the informal part started: a tour along a number of demos in the field of vitality innovation. You could get to know the vitality chair of TNO/imec, the 'Office agents' and 'Work walk' of Fontys/TUe. Also Spacewell, Zens, Ahrend, Eyrise, Beyond Eyes and Sparckel were present to show with what and how they want to cooperate in the Hub.

Workplace Vitality Hub is launched!

In September, the official opening of the hub will take place.

Written by
Corinne Moerman

marketing & communicatie

Corinne Moerman

To bring about a positive change in the vitality of the working population, the founding partners Fontys, imec, TNO, TU/e, HTCE and Twice have set up the Workplace Vitality Hub (WPVH). The hub is located in the building (smart office) High Tech Campus 85. Here, the founders combine their extensive knowledge and experience - together with partners from the business community - to come up with concrete, innovative and effective solutions for a vital working environment.

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