Advice & financing

Advice & financing

We are keen to help small-scale high-tech companies grow and succeed. We therefore provide support by connecting them with a regional network of investors and various advisors. They are happy to help. As professional in the field of business planning and as part of a network of numerous specialists, accountants, lawyers, financers and other regional specialists and businesses. Or as a financial intermediary if required. They know all about the different financing solutions available.

We will help you find a suitable solution

Experiencing a lack of innovative power or the right spirit? We will help you find a suitable solution. So, we can help with a proof of concept, look over a financial planning or search for potential collaborative partners. Everything to help your enterprise grow and succeed. 

Our advisors are knowledge partners for: 

  • Strategy and vision development
  • Independent sounding board
  • Enabling network
  • Brokering & switching
  • Financing guidance
  • Business administration & economic advice 
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