TWICE has started a new initiative in hub Twinning at the TU/e Campus: BrainBloC. Through BrainBloC you have access to an accessible environment in which you can become acquainted with new (general-purpose) data technologies (sensoring, blockchain, ai) and discover how and with which you want to proceed. You first think about a good foundation ('data organisation' and what 'rich data' means). Then you work towards a correct implementation. We focus on 'thinking and acting differently', in which data (technology) forms the starting point for new business processes and organisational models. 

Data technologies are interesting for everyone and everyone can work with them! 

With BrainBloC we create an ecosystem focused on:

  • Training a new generation of digital leaders (through a learning work programme for both students and employees);
  • An external (SME) innovation department, where digitisation issues can be worked out with a very accessible approach;
  • A home base for various companies/projects, for which one entire floor in Twinning on the TU/e Campus has been made available under very favourable conditions;
  • A data-simulation lab, because data is an 'abstract' concept and we want to take students/employees into account what data technology is and how you can put it into practice;
  • And, we would like to become a formal Dutch Blockchain Coalition hub, because we involve a broad network for innovative tasks.

The Digital Conveyor​
More and more organisations are becoming data companies. However, organising data can be much more efficient. For example, we spend more than 35% of our time at the office unnecessarily. The 'Digital Moving Belt' (the trinity IOT, Blockchain and AI) ensures less digital and human waste. Within BrainBloC, Twice, together with the Weconomics Foundation, organises the (non-technical) learning work programme 'The Digital Assembly Line' with a strong focus on design and organisational development. This learning work programme is suitable for people who want to know more about the use of new data technologies in their own company's digital transition. But also for students who want to graduate on this subject. 

New generation digital leaders​
The aim of the learning programme 'The Digital Assembly Line' is to form the new generation of digital leaders, designers and developers by making full use of the technological possibilities of blockchain, IOT and AI.

Are you interested in contributing to this initiative, or establishing yourself here? Please contact us, we are happy to help you!

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