Campus facilities

Campus facilities

At the High Tech Campus Eindhoven (HTCE) and TU/e Campus over 150 companies, institutes and around 10,000 researchers, developers and entrepreneurs work there together on the technology and products of tomorrow. Campus businesses share not only their knowledge and expertise with each other, but also R&D facilities (such as labs, cleanrooms and equipment). This helps them to innovate faster, better and more customer focused. 

High Tech Campus Eindhoven

Interested in establishing your company in βèta or Workplace Vitality Hub (WPVH)? You will then be able to use the High Tech Campus facilities, such as advanced laboratories and cleanrooms, a reliability centre with possibilities for material analysis and the EMC laboratory. Close to our buildings you can find ‘The Strip’ with a variety of restaurants, a conference centre and a small shopping centre with a supermarket and a bank. The campus also offers space for various sports and recreational facilities and has a day-care centre. More information about the High Tech Campus

TU/e Campus


The Technische Universiteit Eindhove Campus (TU/e Campus) is an innovative hotspot in the centre of Eindhoven. This campus offers business premises to more than 100 companies and organisations. From large research institutes to small start-ups. Together and with many students they work here on the innovations of tomorrow. The TU/e Campus is an attractive meeting place with excellent facilities and amenities for students, researchers and entrepreneurs. This is where successful partnerships with large companies take place. Aspects including learning and researching together make the TU/e Campus popular among young, innovative companies. And if you temporarily need extra capacity with an abundance of knowledge, the university students offer a solution.

Twice has three hubs on the TU/e: AlphaCatalyst and Twinning. These are especially for young, tech entrepreneurs. They are equipped with high-quality ICT infrastructure and have various meeting and conference rooms available. There is also a communal reception. Furthermore, within our hubs you benefit from the network of entrepreneurs on the campus. This makes it the ideal location for tech-starters who want to grow. There are also all kinds of facilities available within walking distance on the TU/e site, including restaurants, child-care, sports centres, conference centres etc.

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