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Are you looking for high-quality office space at the technological hotspots in Eindhoven? Twice has 5 hubs in Eindhoven, in which office space is available:
βèta and on the High Tech Campus or TwinningCatalyst and Alpha on the TU/e Campus.
In addition to your own office space, you will also benefit from the high-quality facilities on 2 innovative technological campuses

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Summary of benefits Rent an office space

Located on the High Tech Campus Eindhoven and TU/e Campus
Office spaces and electrotechnical laboratories from 25 to 500 m2 (modular)
"Easy in - Easy out" Just 4 months continuous period of notice
General facilities available such as meeting rooms, kitchens, meeting rooms and repro facilities
High-quality redundant ICT infrastructure
Server rooms with server boxes
Close to access roads (motorways) and public transport
Vibrant network of entrepreneurs at HTCE and TU/e
Various facilities within walking distance (restaurants, childcare, sports centres etc.)

Growth plans?

Just starting out? Or are you growing out of your current space? Our (scalable) offices can be rented from 23 m² up to 500 m². So expanding or shrinking is no problem at all. We offer maximum flexibility. With a continuous notice period of four months, you have plenty of space to do whatever is needed for the development of your company. 

Available facilities

Our full-service offices are equipped with high-quality redundant ICT infrastructure and have server rooms with private server boxes if required. There are also all kinds of general amenities available, such as representative entrances with waiting areas, (virtual) receptions, meeting rooms, kitchens, postal facilities, parking and repro facilities.

Would you like to combine an office space with a laboratory?
No problem! Take a look at the possibilities.

Extensive amenities in fantastic campus locations

Our hubs are easily accessible from various directions and via public transport. You can work in a vibrant location with thousands of technicians within walking distance. All the amenities of the High Tech Campus and the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven Campus are within reach: research facilities, conference centres, day-care services, sports facilities and numerous useful contacts and networks. 

Available hubs (Coronaproof)

Are you interested or do you have a question?
Saskia van de Schoot
Saskia van de Schoot

directeur new business

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