Service Lab

Service Lab

Need an experienced partner to complement your in-house R&D from time to time? For example when you are short of capacity or do not have the necessary expertise in house? Or are you looking for a research partner for a longer term or for a one-off study. PTG Eindhoven is our research partner,  please feel free to contact them with your (material) research questions. TWICE offers a solution for the increasing demand for the use of lab space(s).

PTG/e works in multidisciplinary teams and is fully equipped to take on a variety of tasks in the fields of Chemistry, Sustainable Materials, Advanced Materials and Processing en Performance. In addition to the research, they analyze the results and give advice. They work in their own labs and with their own infrastructure. PTG Eindhoven is a 100% subsidiary of TU/e and can therefore use the TU/e labs and the network as well.


  • Research in the exploratory or applied field?
  • A state-of-the-art literature search within the open-scientific and patent literature?
  • Modifying an existing material?
  • Mimicking and optimizing your production process on a laboratory scale?

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  About PTG Eindhoven

  • PTG Eindhoven started 18 years ago as a spin-off from TU/e. PTG Eindhoven is an independent knowledge institute. PTG/e works for multinationals, SMEs, start-ups and research groups.




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