Startup hub Alpha (NEW) Startup hub Alpha (NEW)

Are you a starting (student) entrepreneur or (technology) company and looking for suitable accommodation with growth facilities? In a stimulating environment that helps you to grow?

Startup office
Twice offers you affordable accommodation and a good but basic level of service in a great place: the TU/e Campus. By establishing yourself in the new startup hub, you will be working in a stimulating environment, within the right network and with the right support. This will maximise the chances of growth and success of your start-up company.

At the TU/e Campus, you can grow and become part of the ecosystem with all its advantages!

In our startup hub Alpha at the TU/e Campus Eindhoven.

What exactly do you get?​
Renting an office in our startup hub offers you many advantages. For example, as a 'resident' of our hub:

  • affordable housing to suit your budget
  • furnished room, where possible
  • cleaning of communal areas
  • basic service level 
  • access to your office with your own key
  • reception service
  • parcel service
  • postal service, your own letterbox
  • freely accessible meeting & meeting space 
  • paid coffee supply
  • pantries with dishwasher, fridge and waste bin
  • WiFi in the communal areas
  • active support, such as coaching, business development, start-up financing and networking
  • workshops and laboratories on the TU/e Campus, such as in the faculties or in the Catalyst hub within walking distance 
  • access to events, training sessions, networking drinks, pitch sessions, etc.   

In short, all the ingredients are present for an early startup to have a great start and to grow within this or one of the other Twice hubs!      


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Benefit from good facilities at the locations in Eindhoven

Our locations offer an ideal opportunity to network with other tech companies. In addition, there are good ICT facilities, networking and you will be supported by a joint postal, telephone and secretarial service. There are also good sports facilities, meeting rooms and restaurants at both locations.

Different types of business premises for rent

At Twice you can rent different types of business premises in Eindhoven. For example, we offer office spaces ranging from 25 m² to 500 m². These spaces can be set up flexibly and as your business grows, you can easily add extra metres. 

In addition to office spaces, you can also rent laboratories. These spaces have a surface area of 25 m² to 500 m². These spaces are completely facilitated with basic facilities such as power and emergency power, compressed air, CO2, nitrogen, extraction and waste water drainage.

Would you like to grow your business at an innovative location in Eindhoven? Please contact us for more information.


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Are you interested or do you have a question?
Emiel Westerhof
Emiel Westerhof

accountmanager new business

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