About us

Reinforcing each other

Whether it’s under the microscope or in programming language, developments in the high-tech industry are fast and furious. In Eindhoven and the whole Brainport region, start-ups, scale-ups and multinationals work successfully alongside each other. In fact, they reinforce each other through working in a suitable ecosystem, and then accelerating, either independently or together. Supporting and propelling this development further is what Twice is all about. 

Ideal surroundings

Twice offers the right stimulating environment for start-ups and scale-ups to innovate. We provide high-quality facilities at an affordable price and with a professional feel. We connect you with the right companies and advisory partners. Our goal? To increase the growth and success rate of small-scale high-tech companies and to promote the social-economic structure in the Eindhoven area and surrounding region. 

Professional business location

We do all this by offering suitable workspace with high-quality infrastructural facilities. Of course, these have to be perfect. We provide every opportunity, so that you can focus solely on your innovation, whether it’s in R&D, product development, life-tech, New Energy, ICT and (embedded) software, (bio)chemicals or on a medical level.

Grow faster together

We believe in the power of a network. Tapping into each other’s strengths in an ecosystem full of opportunities. This is why we make connections with a regional network of investors and advisors to support our tenants. We offer support to the young, growing technological companies situated within our four hubs on the High Tech Campus and the TU/e Campus.

As such, we provide for a community of around 120 companies with more that 1,400 professionals in an environment that lives and breathes high-tech. And all this with thousands more scientists, engineers, innovative knowledge-partners and multinationals just around the corner.

About the Twice apple

An apple symbolises several Twice core values and characteristics. It stands for accessibility, discovery, progress and perfection. It also represents a few people who inspire us, such as Steve Jobs. He was not afraid to leave the beaten track. Millions of people watched apples falling from the trees, but only Isaac Newton wondered why. And artist Lisa Pappon sees perfection, health and life in the form of the apple. This is why she designed this powerful  logo.