Advice and funding

Advice and funding

Independent business consultants of the Brabant Development Company (BOM), Brainport Development, Rabobank Eindhoven-Veldhoven and the Eindhoven University of Technology stand to help all entrepreneurs at our locations free of charge.

Business advice

Our business advisers are always happy to help. As sparring partners, professionals specialising in business planning or as advisers that help you obtain the finance you need for your company. All of our advisers are valuable pivots in a network consisting of specialists, accountants, capital investors and regional companies.

We share our thoughts and ideas with you

Are you finding yourself held back by a lack of financial resources? Don't worry! Where necessary, our advisers can intermediate for you in the capital market. They know how this market works and which financing solutions could be open to you besides bank loans.

Do you lack the innovative capacity or spirit necessary? Or are you coming up against problems in other areas? We will work with you to find the very best solution possible. For example, we can help you with a proof of concept, take a look at your financial planning with you or put you in contact with potential collaboration partners. All with the object of improving your company's opportunities for growth and success.

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