Luminus Devices

Luminus has worked with the community of light to solve its most challenging problems.

For almost two decades, Luminus has worked with the community of light to solve its most challenging problems. For much of its first decade Luminus focused on improving energy efficiency, light output, the quality of light, and longevity, and developing new form factors to address the needs in many different application areas including architectural and urban, displays and projection, horticulture and illumination.

Over the last several years, having successfully addressed technology challenges, Luminus has been working with lighting designers to make sure that their LED technology can replace CDM, halogen and other conventional technologies without sacrificing color quality, center beam punch, sparkle, and dimming capability and quality.

Luminus has worked with farmers and growers to refine their LED technologies so that their horticulture LEDs can enable optimum growth and crop yields for a variety of agricultural products including livestock and plants.

Industrial, medical and entertainment companies that are advancing diagnostic, healthcare, infrared and automated systems and have unique requirements for both form factor and light specifications and Luminus deploys specialists who understand the challenges and needs of these markets so that their products solve problems.

Their teams are working hand-in-hand with the automotive, display and projection industries most innovative companies to illuminate everything from heads-up displays to projection systems for the next generation of vehicles and consumer technologies.

While on first glance, Luminus may look like a LED company, they are really a company that’s focused on solving lighting problems inside, outside, for living and for working.

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