Philips SCIL Nanoimprint Solutions

Philips SCIL Nanoimprint Solutions deliver solutions for high volume nanoimprinting on large wafers.

Philips SCIL Nanoimprint Solutions delivers solutions for high volume nanoimprinting on large wafers. Their solutions enable manufacturers of LEDs, lasers, optical components, solar cells, bio-sensors and many others to increase performance and lower end-product costs. Working with them gives you a one-stop-shop for all your nanoimprint process requirements. From R&D on your specific nanoimprinting needs to setting up of your high volume manufacturing, they support you throughout the value chain, to bring your ideas to market quickly and more efficiently.

Optimum performance
The scalable process of Philips reduces your risks from concept to volume manufacture by using compatible processes and materials. Essentially, optimal equipment design ensures optimal output with optimal cost performance. So, you can jump-start your products in the market and guarantee that your solutions will be of the highest quality.

They provide you with:

  • Tooling and processes for small series and high volume production
  • Mature supply chain of consumables (stamp and imprint materia
  • Dedicated processes for your requirement
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