Silicon Integrated

Silicon Integrated Co., Ltd is a high-tech startup company focus on high-performance mixed-signal IC design. It was founded in January 2016 in Wuhan and it has R&D centers in Europe, Shenzhen and Shanghai. 

  The founders of the company have extensive industrial experiences from world leading semiconductor companies. The core team has experts in various aspects such as enterprise management, product development, marketing and operation etc. The majorities of R&D team have PhD or Master’s degrees from top universities worldwide and have world-class technological innovation capabilities and strong industrialization experience in the fields of mix-signal IC design and algorithm integration. The sales and operation team have very strong connections with top smartphone and semiconductor manufacturing industries, thus create a solid eco-system for the rapidly growth high-volume consumer market. The marketing team is specialized in strategical planning and product definition specially for Chinese market, realizing the seamless connection between the advanced technology and the actual local demand.

        Silicon Integrated has two main product lines: 3D image sensors and smart audio amplifiers. The smart audio amplifier wins over the business by excellent product differentiation, with high quality performance and competitive price. The business value is fully recognized by the tier-one smartphone manufacturers in China. The 3D image sensor product features Time-of-Flight (ToF) function, by using the state-of-art back-side illuminated (BSI) and Near infrared (NIR) enhancement technology, which enables high precision, small pixel, high resolution and low power features in one fully integrated chip. This 3D image sensor can be widely applied in artificial intelligence, facial recognition, self-driving cars, 3D modelling, fast movement capture, and machine vision. The ToF sensor and 3D imaging system are expected to create a very promising market prospect being widely used in mobile, surveillance and automotive industries.

        Through continuous technological accumulation and innovation, Silicon Integrated already has dozens of IPs and patents in the fields of IC design and system solutions for sensor and audio. Silicon Integrated is committed to become a world-class high-performance mixed-signal IC design company which creates smarter ICs for a smarter life.

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